Questions about salesforce. (updated 16-12)

  • We use your system for CRM for a small bunglow park at Lake Como, Italy. Bookings are simple, by the week, by the cottage. In the annex a screenshot of the model. The booking office must fill in the account, the tenant ( linked to the account) and the status must be updated. As an account is filled in the “ beschikbaar” (=available) option should be changed.
    • (1) I presume the field tenant (huurder=contact) should not be a look up but of  course conected. You can’t change it with loaded records. Is there an option to get the “mass delete” button. (dump the date in excel and delete). I copied one routine to the system (button) but there is something with a Javascript.
    • (2) The status change looks to me to a workflow, but the “New” workflowbutton is not available? The salesrep adviced me that there are workfows in Sales cloud, prof edition.
    • The protocol of the work flow
      • If account = ”  ”  then status = beschikbaar
      • if account =<> ”  ” then status may not be beschikbaar
      • If status = beschikbaar, H-eb = 0 and h-3e = 0
      • etc for other status
  • (3) I uploaded all the records and took care that the reference was unique. (YYWWCC). I tried to secure that with a workflow but failed.
    • same workflow problem?
  • (4) As the records are filled in we would like to have a “grid” of the status. (x-as: weeks, y-as: cottage#, grit: status color) An option is to download the data and a excel model. A solution within salesforce is highly prefarable.
    • meeting planned

(5) Can we, for instance the Grid grafic, display it on a wordpress site, without being logged in in wordpress. (so in the public field)

  • (6) Emails from the salesforce application to a contact is ok, and the logging of the mails is great. I am sure incoming emails are possible to integrate as well. Happy to be informed.
    • a solotion was given by gmail. Is there an option to stay within salesforce?

(7) An other mistery is the dispay of a field in a repport. In the model there is a field :aankomst (duch voor arrivaldate). In screenshot below is a picture of it. If you go to the object and field it is here, nothing special, like any other field. BUT: if you make a repport, alle the fields are available in the picklist for the repport, except “aankomst”. Spend a day on it, but for me a mistery.

(8) Why can’t I make a staged grafic in my example “status Casa’s”. The staged grafic opens as soon as you use groups colom, bur can’s get the simple staged grafic: x-as casa amd y-as staged H=eb and h-3e